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thessoa's Journal

the S.S.O.A.
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We are a budding organization dedicated to bringing together people of a like mind on things collected.

The SSOA is hyphenation for the Secret Society of Odd Acquisition. Our members, and people who interest us, are those who have a select draw towards accumulating strange and unusual antiques, odd works of art, and items whose past lives are apparent. Our emphasis is on presentation in the style of the dawn of the scientific renaissance wunderkammers. As a disclaimer not all entries hinge on science. Jarred specimens, freak memorabilia, antique butcher fodder, memento mori, taxidermy (extravagant and antique), medical instruments, etc, are some of the items prized.

We are looking for interested souls who are hinged around these interests and willing to help further our knowledge base and who are willing to work towards a stronger organization. Soon we will have a web of contacts to help in looking for key pieces to collections and an Internet page for displaying each other’s anthology to the world.

If you are interested or have ideas please feel free to contact me at thessoa@twistedeyephoto.com